U.S. Naturalization: The Do’s and Don’ts You Must Remember

how to file for citizenship in US

Applying for a naturalization in the United States does not come easy. Like any other country, the United States prioritizes itself  and its people; hence, citizenship applicants are not the ultimately top of the list. That said, you must prove to the immigration that you are well-worth being naturalized and you may do so by following the Do’s and and Don’ts when it comes to the application for naturalization.

The Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do take classes to pass your English test. For your application, you will undergo several tests to determine if your English skills are sufficient. You will be given tests on reading, writing, as well as speaking.
  • Do study for your civics test as well. For you to pass the test, you need to answer at least 60% of the questions.
  • Do consult a lawyer when you have problems to address with regards to your application. If several issues are raised, you must turn to an immigration lawyer who is competent enough to give you the right advice. You may seek legal help from https://www.rathilaw.com/ for your citizenship application concerns.
  • Do gather the necessary documents in order for you to have a smooth time at the office. Since you are the applicant, you must be well-prepared so as to not give them a bad impression of yourself.
  • Do correct the wrong entries or wrong information you have written on your application. The interview is your chance to correct these errors.
  • Do dress properly for your interview. As a sign of respect, dress appropriately, either formally or even, semi-formally, for your appointment.
  • process of becoming US citizen
  • Do not miss your appointments. Doing so will only give a negative impression to the immigration officers and you may easily be stricken out of the list since you already missed your chance.
  • Do come early for your appointments as well. Being late is highly discouraged. You do not want to make the immigration officers wait for you.
  • Do not joke about serious crimes with your interviewer. Even if the joke is obvious, avoid doing so. Otherwise, they may see you as an indirect threat or worse, they might take your word seriously making you lose the chance of being granted citizenship.
  • Do not tell lies during your interview. Remember that you are under oath and so, you must tell the truth and only the truth. Keep in mind that if you supply lies, sooner or later, they will find out and you will be deemed as a fraud. This will surely jeopardize your chances of being naturalized.

The Final Say

The ultimate goal is to avoid giving the immigration officer a bad impression so as to not lower the chances of your application from being approved. Stay calm even if the officer raises some issues and answer properly. Try not to be all over the place. Most importantly, know what you are getting yourself into. You will have to be acquainted with the process for you to be prepared for it. As much as possible, avoid committing mistakes along the way; simply follow the dos and dont’s.

Parents’ Essential Guide in Supporting Children In Sports

kids playing sports

As part of their development, children are encouraged to participate in sports whether as a regular hobby or as an activity for the holidays. Sports play an important role in molding or influencing the future attitude, social skills, and traits of a child. Aside from this, sports also provide a long list of health benefits for those who participate in it.

Behind every sports-active child is usually a parent who provides the necessary support for his/her children. In fact, studies have shown that parents play a major role in the sport experience of kids. Their influence is essential as it may make or break their kid’s attitude towards sports.

That said, here are the different ways parents can show support:

Giving Support

  • Let them freely choose their sport.

As parents, you should never force your child to pursue sports which are not in the range of their interest. Otherwise, your child would not have the heart set on what he/she enters into. It’s important to hear out their preferences, reasons, and opinions. Give them a chance to try out those sports which they truly want to participate in.

  • Bring them to practices.

Whenever sports requires them to spend a few hours in practice, don’t just allow them to do so; bring them to the practice, yourself, if you have the time. This clearly tells them that you approve of their participation in this sport.

  • Do not focus on winning.

Do not put pressure on your child insofar as wins or losses are concerned. In sports, valuable lessons should be placed on top; mere desire for winning is only found secondary. Focus on what your child learns at the end of the day. For instance, the meaning of sportsmanship and the essence of patience are two of the most important things to give weight to.

Supportive parents watching games

  • Provide the right gears.

A great way to show support is by giving your child what he/she needs in the game. For instance, together you and your child can check out websites on hockey gears such as http://skateshq.com/best-childrens-hockey-skates/ if your child is participating in hockey games or you may even accompany your kid to several sports shops and help them pick out whatever they need for their sports.

  • Watch their games.

Your child will want to showcase his/her skills in the field and so, it is important that as a parent, you will witness the skills of your child as he/she takes on the court. Although it is not necessary to watch all of the games; at least be there when it’s a big deal type of game. This will encourage your child to do better so as to make you proud.

  • Motivate them.

Motivational talks with your kid is also essential. There may be times when your child is down perhaps after losing a game, do not discourage them by telling them to stop. Instead, motivate them to push forward and help them divert their attention from the loss towards the real value of the game.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your words and actions as a parent has a very powerful impact on your child’s sports life. Be very careful not to put too much pressure on your child and never let your child feel worthless just because of sports. Support them in their endeavors, lend them your ear and give them your shoulders to lean on at times of difficulty.

Awesome Things To Do For This Upcoming Christmas 2017

celebrate Christmas with family

Seems like just yesterday, we celebrated 2016’s Christmas and yet today, it’s already July. Yes, that’s correct, we’re already halfway through 2017 and this basically means that the next Christmas is just around the corner.

As early as today, you should start laying out your plans on what to do for this holiday season. There’s a wide range of activities available for you and your family. The problem only lies is choosing which activities, provided that there are a lot of awesome choices, you would not want to miss out on.

We want to help you decide what to do for Christmas and so, we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for your  2017 Christmas celebration.

Christmas 2017

  • Celebrate at Home

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate Christmas is by holding a Christmas party at home. Invite your family, relatives, and friends over for a small gathering. Simple exchanging of gifts and a get-together for Christmas dinner may be part of this celebration. To make the celebration more exciting, you can decorate your house the interior and exterior parts of your home; you may even want to try out snowflake projectors for Christmas for you to experience a fresher set of lights this holiday season.

  • Travel Internationally

If you’ve just gone through a tough year, perhaps after a divorce case or there’s been death in the family, and you’re willing to spend more than the usual celebration, you might want to consider travelling to another country. Many families travel during holiday season to experience how other cultures celebrate Christmas as well. Usually, airline companies also offer cheaper flight promos months before the holidays.

travel for Christmas

  • Volunteer at a Food Bank

Volunteering in a food bank definitely gives Christmas a whole new meaning. After all, Christmas is all about giving love to other people. With this activity, you are able to bring in some happiness to the less fortunate ones.

  • Go Shopping

Regardless if it’s just window shopping or actual spending on Christmas sales, you can never really go wrong with Christmas shopping whether for yourself or for gifts. In line with this, statistics show that Americans are willing to spend around $700 for gifts this holiday season.  As much as it is tiring, it is also very fun to do especially when stores put up fun Christmas displays that are pleasant to the eyes.

  • Stroll around

Although many would choose to stay at home and not go out due to heavy crowd and traffic during holidays, strolling around the city is still a lovely idea. This will allow you to take in the Christmas spirit in every corner of your neighborhood.

Ho, Ho, Ho

Indeed, there are so many ways to spend Christmas aside from those ideas listed above. At the end of the day, what’s important is for you to enjoy whatever you choose for this holiday season. You can simply chill at home and watch netflix with your loved ones or you may choose to spend your Christmas in a grand manner, it really doesn’t matter.

Important Things To Do Before Filing For A Divorce

preparing for divorce

Dealing With Divorce

Dealing with divorce may be a headache especially if you’ve not taken the necessary preparations beforehand. At this point, you’ll definitely need the assistance of a legal professional specializing on family or divorce law. Aside from this, there are other things to take care of.

The Preparations

Before or during your quest for searching the best divorce lawyer in Charleston, there may be steps you have to take on your own. These steps may be of big help as they may smoothen out the divorce path for you and your spouse.

  • Think things through.

First and foremost, you need to make sure this is what you need. If the marital relationship is inflicting much more damage and pain rather than happiness, determine if divorce is the only method that can fix it. Think of the consequences as well. More so, if there are children involved, prioritize them first.

  • Know your financial standing.

It’s important for you to determine how much your finances are. Know the marital financial standing as well as your own. This will guide you in making decisions as it limits you to what you are capable of spending on based on your standing. Make sure you determine and settle debts, assets, income, etc.

  • Close credit accounts.

Whenever possible, cut off all of your joint credit accounts. By doing  so, you’re preventing the other spouse from using your credit accounts out of spite. Although this is not a compulsory step, it is a helpful option in making sure you won’t be cheated on during the divorce process.

best divorce attorney

  • Sign paperwork ahead.

In terms of properties, testaments, and other paperwork, it would be best to affix necessary signatures ahead before the divorce. As the divorce process goes on, restraining orders may be filed which will disable any of this.

  • Determine living arrangements.

One of the toughest questions asked is whether or not the complainant should move out from the house. Generally, if the divorce issues include abuse, it is advisable to move to somewhere safer. Otherwise, it’s best to stay in that marital home as this will spell out where you stand for that property.

  • Avoid using social media.

These days, social media is the most common avenue where people get their thoughts and feelings off their chest. However, social media posts may also be used as evidence against you in your divorce procedures. Thus, it may be wiser to stay away from these platforms.

  • Realize your priorities.

Know that a divorce is not just about dating again. Going through a divorce process is more of allowing yourself to know your worth as well as correct your mistakes. Hence, you need to know your priorities. For instance, If children are involved, make sure you put your children’s needs first. Children may be greatly affected by divorce, some even develop eating disorders or other emotional problems as a result of witnessing the separation of parents.

3 Ways to Decide if an Accident Lawyer is Right for You

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Accidents do happen all the time. Yes, it’s a part of life and we’ve come to accept this. We do know that no matter how cautious or vigilant we are in our daily lives, we couldn’t possibly avoid accidents altogether and that’s why we need to be prepared for when they do happen. This is why people take out insurance, get lawyers, save money, etc just so they wouldn’t get hit really hard when such unexpected events come their way.

Accident Lawyers – commonly known as personal injury lawyers or personal injury attorneys have a role to play since their services are mostly needed in these times.

An accident lawyer is basically the lawyer you go to if you’ve been injured as a result of the wrongdoing or negligence of another human being, an entity or an organisation. For instance, if someone was driving around North Carolina encountered a case of drunk driving that led to the injury of another party or yourself, it might greatly help if you hire a DUI attorney in Greensboro.

Lawyers are usually experienced and knowledgeable in other fields of law as well, but they choose to specialize and only deal with cases that fall under Tort law – a type of law which is concerned with civil wrongs, economic and/or non-economic damages to property, reputation, or rights.

This may include injuries that happen in the workplace, vehicular accidents, medical mistakes and many more.

So, if you find yourself in any form of accident and feel you might need a lawyer, you should consider these 3 things;

Experience and Reputation

More often than not we make the mistake of using the wrong people for the right jobs and vice-versa. There are so many different types of accidents, and car accidents tend to be the type people normally need lawyers for.

There are different accident lawyers who still would specialize in different types of accidents based on their strengths.

For this reason, you should definitely consider their focus and how it is related to the kind of accident you need the lawyer for.

This way you’ll know you’re actually paying for something you really are in need of.

how to hire accident lawyer


The way an accident lawyer (or any lawyer for that matter) treats or handles other people’s cases tells a lot about who they are or at least the kind of lawyer they are.

Lawyers in general are known to be very busy professionals due to the nature of their work. For some cases, accidents involving serious injuries or death may need more time to be reviewed; this takes more effort, time and dedication from the attorney. Unfortunately, some lawyers are known to accept cases and push them aside the second they come across another client who would be giving them more money or awards.

This is not what you want if you need an accident lawyer to hire for any kind of purpose. It is important you have a lawyer who can get the case started as quickly as possible (depending on where you live and the type of accident in question) so for this reason, you need someone who would be more committed to your case and show that they are ready to work with you from the beginning to the end.

How Comfortable Are You?

Yes, how really okay are you with this person that you intend to work with? How comfortable are you with their conditions, style of handling the case and so on? Are you okay with their charges?

Knowing the answer to some of these questions will go a long way to help you decide if you really are hiring the right accident lawyer for your case.

Sometimes, doing these simple evaluations and analysis might discourage or prevent you from going forward with hiring an accident lawyer, but it is very important that you do.

Just listening to your guts alone could go a long way to helping you decide if an accident lawyer is a right bet!


When fixing a sewer problem in the city, of course, we wonder how much money the city will shed for the project. Similarly, when dealing with a personal case in the court, we may also be asking how much money we need for the lawyer. The cost matters because some lawyers overprice their services and it would be best to avoid that type of lawyer.


The Real Story about What is Happening in Syria


Syria has been suffering war for the last five years, killing hundreds of thousands of its people and sending millions of refugees overseas. Western media continue to blame the country’s local government for the conflict, but the war could have been a very short one if not of the foreign support given to the extremists. Syria is the best example to the world that sans Western economic domination and neoliberalism, it is possible to develop independently and enhance living conditions.

Syria has close economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia. Its government sacrificed to help Palestine in its resistance against Israel, making it to be in the list of the State Department’s State Sponsors of Terrorism. The questions of why the civil war in Syria has been prolonged, if five years are not enough and if overthrowing the government justifies so much death and suffering should be directed to Western leaders and their allies.

The United States have sent troops to fight against the Daesh aka ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). However, they may also be working to violently overthrow the Syrian government, MintPress News reported.

The Syrian government had been struggling against colonialism. It took decades for the country to break free from foreign domination, including from the French empire and puppet leaders. It had been a strong-reliant country in the Middle East that was relatively peaceful.

The “Baath Arab Socialist Party” is Syria’s main political party. “Baath” is an Arabic word that means “Rebirth” or “Resurrection.” The party forged the country with a well-planned, regulated and independent economy. Contributors to local prosperity were massive expenditures for water, electricity, irrigation, road buildings and expansion of education and health services.

Following its independence, Syria’s Baathist leadership enhanced the population’s living standards. From 1970 to 2009, life expectancy in the country rose by 17 years and infant mortality dramatically dropped from 132 deaths per a thousand live births to only 17.9. This was the result of making medical care available in rural areas.

In the field of education, Syria achieved “full primary school enrollment of males” and 85 percent of females during the 1980s. There was 42 percent of illiteracy in the adult population in 1981, but this was wiped out by 1991, thanks to the government-led mass literacy campaign.


The independent Syrian government quickly achieved what the Western colonizers failed to during their domination with the help of the Soviet Union and other anti-imperialist countries. The Soviet Union loaned the country a hundred million to build the Euphrates River’s Tabqa dam, which was “considered to be the backbone of all economic and social development in Syria.” The dam made irrigation possible throughout the countryside.

There were 900 Soviet technicians who helped work on infrastructure projects to make electricity available in many parts of the country. China also joined ventures with energy firms in Syria, having invested hundreds of millions of dollars in 2007 to modernize the country’s aging gas and oil infrastructure.

Syria is different from its neighboring countries because of its practice of religious freedom. Christians, Sunnis, Jews, Druze, Alawites and other religious groups are allowed to freely practice their faith. Its secular government respects the rights of both of the Sunni Muslim majority and religious minorities.

The current war in Syria is not a domestic conflict, but one imposed by Israel, the U.S. and other Western capitalists. The U.S. allies are even reportedly funding the ISIS, as it appeared in what seemed to be a US State Department memo dated Aug. 17, 2014. The alleged memo is one of those leaked emails to and from Hillary Clinton, CounterPunch reported.

Furthermore, insurgents in Syria are not Syrian but people recruited from the Middle East to fight against the Syrian government. The war is not about democratic reforms. The Syrian government could have easily defeated the insurgents if not of foreign meddling.

The Truth About Syria: A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country

US Allies are Funding ISIS (and Hillary Knew All Along)