U.S. Naturalization: The Do’s and Don’ts You Must Remember

how to file for citizenship in US

Applying for a naturalization in the United States does not come easy. Like any other country, the United States prioritizes itself  and its people; hence, citizenship applicants are not the ultimately top of the list. That said, you must prove to the immigration that you are well-worth being naturalized and you may do so by following the Do’s and and Don’ts when it comes to the application for naturalization.

The Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do take classes to pass your English test. For your application, you will undergo several tests to determine if your English skills are sufficient. You will be given tests on reading, writing, as well as speaking.
  • Do study for your civics test as well. For you to pass the test, you need to answer at least 60% of the questions.
  • Do consult a lawyer when you have problems to address with regards to your application. If several issues are raised, you must turn to an immigration lawyer who is competent enough to give you the right advice. You may seek legal help from https://www.rathilaw.com/ for your citizenship application concerns.
  • Do gather the necessary documents in order for you to have a smooth time at the office. Since you are the applicant, you must be well-prepared so as to not give them a bad impression of yourself.
  • Do correct the wrong entries or wrong information you have written on your application. The interview is your chance to correct these errors.
  • Do dress properly for your interview. As a sign of respect, dress appropriately, either formally or even, semi-formally, for your appointment.
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  • Do not miss your appointments. Doing so will only give a negative impression to the immigration officers and you may easily be stricken out of the list since you already missed your chance.
  • Do come early for your appointments as well. Being late is highly discouraged. You do not want to make the immigration officers wait for you.
  • Do not joke about serious crimes with your interviewer. Even if the joke is obvious, avoid doing so. Otherwise, they may see you as an indirect threat or worse, they might take your word seriously making you lose the chance of being granted citizenship.
  • Do not tell lies during your interview. Remember that you are under oath and so, you must tell the truth and only the truth. Keep in mind that if you supply lies, sooner or later, they will find out and you will be deemed as a fraud. This will surely jeopardize your chances of being naturalized.

The Final Say

The ultimate goal is to avoid giving the immigration officer a bad impression so as to not lower the chances of your application from being approved. Stay calm even if the officer raises some issues and answer properly. Try not to be all over the place. Most importantly, know what you are getting yourself into. You will have to be acquainted with the process for you to be prepared for it. As much as possible, avoid committing mistakes along the way; simply follow the dos and dont’s.