Profile of the St. Joe Valley Greens

Our chapter was organized by a couple of experienced Green activists who moved to South Bend from Montana . They attracted like-minded people who joined with them and founded our chapter in 1992. In the years since, we have been active on a broad range of local issues.

St. Joe Valley Greens seek out other independent citizen action groups and work with them whenever possible. We publish a newletter, participate in a cable access TV show, and our volunteers make many public appearances to speak about Green issues.

Maybe just reading about our work is not very exciting. But check us out. You’ll love the hands-on energy of grassroots action.

  • Since 1992 our local has been an active player in the development of solid waste policies in St. Joseph County.
  • We have also been active on issues of public transportation, bicycle commuting, and air pollution.
  • We have raised concerns about the portrayal of Native Americans in our schools as well as on other education issues.
  • The St. Joe Valley Greens have worked with other grassroots groups to demand local government accountability and reform.
  • We have run a candidate for a South Bend City Council seat, garnering 25% of the vote, and we plan to run more candidates in the future.
  • We initiate with local labor unions the local anti-NAFTA efforts.
  • We have joined with labor unions, local farmers and others in a coalition effort to stop a new polluting factory.
  • This same coalition is currently broadening its scope to change the way local economic development decisions are made.
  • Another current project is to oppose the shipments of radioactive waste through Indiana and to support the victims of Chernobyl on the tenth anniversary of the nuclear accident.

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