Parents’ Essential Guide in Supporting Children In Sports

kids playing sports

As part of their development, children are encouraged to participate in sports whether as a regular hobby or as an activity for the holidays. Sports play an important role in molding or influencing the future attitude, social skills, and traits of a child. Aside from this, sports also provide a long list of health benefits for those who participate in it.

Behind every sports-active child is usually a parent who provides the necessary support for his/her children. In fact, studies have shown that parents play a major role in the sport experience of kids. Their influence is essential as it may make or break their kid’s attitude towards sports.

That said, here are the different ways parents can show support:

Giving Support

  • Let them freely choose their sport.

As parents, you should never force your child to pursue sports which are not in the range of their interest. Otherwise, your child would not have the heart set on what he/she enters into. It’s important to hear out their preferences, reasons, and opinions. Give them a chance to try out those sports which they truly want to participate in.

  • Bring them to practices.

Whenever sports requires them to spend a few hours in practice, don’t just allow them to do so; bring them to the practice, yourself, if you have the time. This clearly tells them that you approve of their participation in this sport.

  • Do not focus on winning.

Do not put pressure on your child insofar as wins or losses are concerned. In sports, valuable lessons should be placed on top; mere desire for winning is only found secondary. Focus on what your child learns at the end of the day. For instance, the meaning of sportsmanship and the essence of patience are two of the most important things to give weight to.

Supportive parents watching games

  • Provide the right gears.

A great way to show support is by giving your child what he/she needs in the game. For instance, together you and your child can check out websites on hockey gears such as if your child is participating in hockey games or you may even accompany your kid to several sports shops and help them pick out whatever they need for their sports.

  • Watch their games.

Your child will want to showcase his/her skills in the field and so, it is important that as a parent, you will witness the skills of your child as he/she takes on the court. Although it is not necessary to watch all of the games; at least be there when it’s a big deal type of game. This will encourage your child to do better so as to make you proud.

  • Motivate them.

Motivational talks with your kid is also essential. There may be times when your child is down perhaps after losing a game, do not discourage them by telling them to stop. Instead, motivate them to push forward and help them divert their attention from the loss towards the real value of the game.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your words and actions as a parent has a very powerful impact on your child’s sports life. Be very careful not to put too much pressure on your child and never let your child feel worthless just because of sports. Support them in their endeavors, lend them your ear and give them your shoulders to lean on at times of difficulty.