The Real Story about What is Happening in Syria


Syria has been suffering war for the last five years, killing hundreds of thousands of its people and sending millions of refugees overseas. Western media continue to blame the country’s local government for the conflict, but the war could have been a very short one if not of the foreign support given to the extremists. Syria is the best example to the world that sans Western economic domination and neoliberalism, it is possible to develop independently and enhance living conditions.

Syria has close economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia. Its government sacrificed to help Palestine in its resistance against Israel, making it to be in the list of the State Department’s State Sponsors of Terrorism. The questions of why the civil war in Syria has been prolonged, if five years are not enough and if overthrowing the government justifies so much death and suffering should be directed to Western leaders and their allies.

The United States have sent troops to fight against the Daesh aka ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). However, they may also be working to violently overthrow the Syrian government, MintPress News reported.

The Syrian government had been struggling against colonialism. It took decades for the country to break free from foreign domination, including from the French empire and puppet leaders. It had been a strong-reliant country in the Middle East that was relatively peaceful.

The “Baath Arab Socialist Party” is Syria’s main political party. “Baath” is an Arabic word that means “Rebirth” or “Resurrection.” The party forged the country with a well-planned, regulated and independent economy. Contributors to local prosperity were massive expenditures for water, electricity, irrigation, road buildings and expansion of education and health services.

Following its independence, Syria’s Baathist leadership enhanced the population’s living standards. From 1970 to 2009, life expectancy in the country rose by 17 years and infant mortality dramatically dropped from 132 deaths per a thousand live births to only 17.9. This was the result of making medical care available in rural areas.

In the field of education, Syria achieved “full primary school enrollment of males” and 85 percent of females during the 1980s. There was 42 percent of illiteracy in the adult population in 1981, but this was wiped out by 1991, thanks to the government-led mass literacy campaign.


The independent Syrian government quickly achieved what the Western colonizers failed to during their domination with the help of the Soviet Union and other anti-imperialist countries. The Soviet Union loaned the country a hundred million to build the Euphrates River’s Tabqa dam, which was “considered to be the backbone of all economic and social development in Syria.” The dam made irrigation possible throughout the countryside.

There were 900 Soviet technicians who helped work on infrastructure projects to make electricity available in many parts of the country. China also joined ventures with energy firms in Syria, having invested hundreds of millions of dollars in 2007 to modernize the country’s aging gas and oil infrastructure.

Syria is different from its neighboring countries because of its practice of religious freedom. Christians, Sunnis, Jews, Druze, Alawites and other religious groups are allowed to freely practice their faith. Its secular government respects the rights of both of the Sunni Muslim majority and religious minorities.

The current war in Syria is not a domestic conflict, but one imposed by Israel, the U.S. and other Western capitalists. The U.S. allies are even reportedly funding the ISIS, as it appeared in what seemed to be a US State Department memo dated Aug. 17, 2014. The alleged memo is one of those leaked emails to and from Hillary Clinton, CounterPunch reported.

Furthermore, insurgents in Syria are not Syrian but people recruited from the Middle East to fight against the Syrian government. The war is not about democratic reforms. The Syrian government could have easily defeated the insurgents if not of foreign meddling.

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